Finding Time to Read Whilst Abroad


So… I’m in Australia! Yes, I’m currently studying abroad in Sydney at the University of New South Wales and believe it or not, I’ve managed to do a bit of reading.

I’ve been “down under” since late-February and if you follow me on Goodreads (if not, do it!) you would have seen that I’ve read five books in the time I’ve been here! For me, that’s pretty impressive, especially considering the semester is only halfway through.


If you’re wondering how I find time to read while at college, let alone while abroad, here are a few of my quick tips:

  1. Take a book with you to every class/meeting/event. If you’re like me, you like being on time, and “being on time” usually means being ten to fifteen minutes early. Instead of pulling out your phone and looking at tweets, pictures, and statuses you’ve already scrolled past three times previously, pull out a book!
  2. Embrace audiobooks! I know that listening to an audiobook isn’t technically “reading” a book, but as readers, we don’t care about the technicalities. We care about the story! For me, the best times to listen to an audiobook are at home, while cleaning, cooking, or before falling asleep, and at the gym. And if you commute to your school, definitely take advantage of that time and listen in the car!
  3. Make it a priority. I’ve met so many people who say that they love to read, but don’t have the time for it at college. They do, however, have the time to binge-watch Netflix or count ceiling tiles. <– That last one is an exaggeration, but if you truly love to read and want to do it more, make it a priority! Take an hour you’d usually spend on YouTube or Netflix and read!

Those are my top three pieces of advice. Feel free to comment with your tips and tricks, I’d love to hear them! That’s all for now, but be on the lookout for a new video of me exploring bookstores in Sydney :)

Take care,
Mikayla Brie

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