Miss Mayhem by Rachel Hawkins

IMG_9784“Some titles aren’t won – they’re earned.”

This post will contain spoilers as I’m not sure how to get around them and say what I want to say all at the same time. So you’ve been warned. If you haven’t already, you can read about my thoughts on Rebel Belle by clicking here.

With Miss Mayhem I chose not to listen to the audiobook, because the narrator’s accent for Rebel Belle just wasn’t my cup of tea. Or should I say, it wasn’t my cup of Alabamian sweet tea. Choosing not to listen to the audiobook was honestly such a good decision and I think it saved the series for me. I enjoyed the experience of this book much better than the first one. Now, did I like this book better? Not so much.

Rebel Belle did an excellent job of capturing my attention. The “WTF” moment that Harper experiences in the first chapter was enough to keep me reading/listening. With Miss Mayhem, however, there wasn’t as much intrigue. I think it was due to the fact that there wasn’t anything new. In this book, Harper is told she has to go through these trials, the Peirasmos, in order to officially become David’s Paladin or else she will die. What happens if she fails these trials? She will die. Hmm. Sounds exciting… except it isn’t. Or, at least, it wasn’t for me. The first trial was basically just what she’s been doing all along – saving David, except the danger was “real” given that Ryan couldn’t wipe people’s memories. The second trial was all psychological, which I found to be semi-interesting, except it wasn’t really a challenge. How was she supposed to fail that test? Was she supposed to just drop dead from the sight of her worst fears? And the third trial didn’t really happen given David’s running off. I’m kind of bummed that the book didn’t go in the way I thought it would. I was excited about the Peirasmos at first, but then it all fell flat. I mean, what was the point of everything? We already knew Harper was a semi-decent Paladin. Was it just to give us insight on the Ephors? Was it to showcase how difficult it is to be the Oracle and a boyfie (gag, I hate that word as much as David does)? Or was it just to drag out a series?

I know that sounds like a harsh/serious critique, and everything I said is truly how I feel about the book, but I still enjoyed reading it. I had a few laughs and I shed a few tears at the end. It’s strange, the ending of this book feels like a perfectly decent conclusion to me. If everything before the last fifteen pages was different, a bit more dramatic and intense, I would be satisfied with this being the end of David and Harper’s story. Of course, the bulk of the book wasn’t dramatic or intense, so I’m feeling cheated.

David is my favorite character and I love him (and his argyle sweaters) too much not to read the third one, but I’m really hoping for a split POV. And I think it may actually happen given the popularity of switching POVs in YA, but also the fact that Harper and David are in two different locations, so it would flow seamlessly. Please Rachel Hawkins, let this happen!

Mikayla Brie

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